I Barcode Solutions is one of the Prime Manufacturers, Suppliers And Exporters of a comprehensive range of Android POS Terminal includes Android Handheld POS Terminal, wifi POS Machine , Desktop POS, Sunmi POS Terminal , Point of Sale Software, Mobile POS Software.

We are supported by a well-structured manufacturing unit. Our manufacturing is well equipped with high end and state of the art technology. Here are scanners that will keep performing in the toughest environments.

Citizen D-150 II

Desktop POS Terminal

Cash Drawer

Android POS Terminal

Android POS Terminal : is an absolute requirement for any retail business/restaurant owner. It can manage your data, inventory, employees, and generate significant ROI. It is used to help exchange goods and services for currency. Our Handheld POSoffer significant advantages over conventional cash registers.

By combining POS computerized cash registers with barcode scanners , inventory control software and handheld POS inventory tracking devices, you can measurably increase control of your business while cutting costs and increasing profits.

Desktop POS : Allows you to carry out many of the same functions you have at a fixed station. These applications are the perfect solution for line busting during peak seasons, outdoor/tent sales, or empowering your field sales team.