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I Barcode Solutions is a prime manufacturers And Exporter of a comprehensive range of DPM Barcode Scanner including Honeywell Scanner, motorola scanner, Cognex Scanner, Keyence Scanner, Zebra Scanner,

IBS fabricates the DS-3678 scanner using high-grade material and advanced technology. With unique features like superior quality, durability, better performance, and easy installation the Scanners have been widely acclaimed by the customers.

Keyence SR-G100

Keyence SR-G100 Download PDF

Keyence SR-2000 series

Keyence SR-2000 series Download PDF

Newland NVH300-HO

Newland NVH300-HO Download PDF

Cognex DataMan 8600

Cognex DataMan 8600 Download PDF

Cognex DataMan 8050

Cognex DataMan 8050 Download PDF

Datalogic PD9531

Datalogic PD9531 Download PDF

Honeywell SR61

Honeywell SR61 Download PDF

Zebra DS3678

Zebra DS3678 Download PDF

Zebra DS3608

Zebra DS3608 Download PDF

Direct part marking (DPM) Barcode Scanners and Mobile Computers are the ones which are manufactured with Scan Engines which can read barcodes that are etched or engraved directly on the surface of materials such as metal, plastic, glass or silicon.

I Barcode Solutions is a primary dealer, importer and exporter of barcode scanners which supports decoding of Direct Part Marking (DPM) Barcodes. This is particularly suitable for the ones who want to track material or components with permanently etched/engraved DPM barcodes. This is whether it is etched/engraved into glass, plastic, metal or silicon.

Moreover, we offer the Barcode Scanner at affordable prices in the market. We provides Honeywell SR61, Cognex DataMan 8600, Keyence SR-G100, Keyence SR-2000 series, Cognex DataMan 8050 series, DS-3678 scanner.

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