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Presentation Scanner

I Barcode Solutions is one of the prime service providers, And prime manufacturer of Presentation Scanner includes Zebra Scanner, Honeywell Scanner, Newland Scanner, Newland Reader, DCode Scanner, Honeywell Orbit MS7120.

Presentation scanners are becoming a widely utilized tool in the working environment. Our manufacturing is well equipped with high end and state of the art technology. this has made us capable to provide unmatched quality products and services to the customers as per their specifications.

Honeywell Orbit 7120

Honeywell Orbit 7120 Download PDF

Honeywell Solaris 7980g

Honeywell Solaris 7980g Download PDF

Honeywell Orbit HF680

Honeywell Orbit HF680 Download PDF

Honeywell Orbit 7190

Honeywell Orbit 7190 Download PDF

Zebra DS9308

Zebra DS9308 Download PDF

Zebra DS7708

Zebra DS7708 Download PDF

Newland FR4080

Newland FR4080 Download PDF

Newland FR8080

Newland FR8080 Download PDF

DCode DC5132

DCode DC5132 Download PDF

I Barcode Solutions Provides Zebra Scanner, Honeywell Scanner, Newland Presentation Reader, DCode Scanner, DCode DC5132, Honeywell Orbit MS7120, Zebra DS7708, Newland FR4060-30/FR2050-20.

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